There are two different types of jewelry showcased on the Banderson website, Collection Jewelry and Custom Work Jewelry. While both types of jewelry are custom design by Banderson Custom Jewelry, there are a few differences between the two different types that affect the pricing of the actual jewelry. Collection Jewelry is a showcase of custom designs that I have created to supply based on demand, meaning that a particular design will be resold over and over for as many people that want

to buy that design, while Custom Work Jewelry can be viewed as “one-of-a-kind” works of art. When creating Custom Work Jewelry, I work alongside the client to develop a custom piece that suits them and that they can be proud of. This type of jewelry is generally more costly than the Collection Jewelry because you are paying to ensure that you have a unique jewelry design that you won’t see anywhere else. For more pricing information, please contact me through one of the purchasing contact forms.