The Custom Work process is a very personal, and enjoyable experience for both myself, and my clients. I work alongside them through the entire process to determine exactly what they are looking for in a custom jewelry design.

Once we have determine what the design should consist of (e.g. stones, cuts, settings, finishes, etc.), I begin to sketch out a design that I think the client will like based on the feedback they have provided. This part of the process is critical in avoiding unwanted "surprises" for the client, since the sketches help them develop a visual concept of how the design will actually look once it has been crafted. Once the client approves the inital design sketch, and

before I take the design through the production phase, the client and I sign a written contract that states we both agree to the proposed design, timeline and fees. Once the agreement has been signed, I begin the production phase of the process. This could be by using the casting method or by crafting the design completely by hand. This is really just determined by the complexity of the design itself.

After the final design has been crafted, I notify the client that their custom design is finished and can be picked up upon full payment of my services. Please visit the examples page to see some of the custom jewelry I have done for past clients.