Example Image

Here was a case where a client came to me with a picture of a ring that his fiancée had liked. While I didn't replicate the proposed design, this can be very helpful in the designing process by quickly determining what styles the client prefers.

Being that the client had requested that the ring to be platinum, I saw an opportunity to make this ring completely by hand, instead of using the casting method, because of the curves that were involved in the design.

Even though the final result ended up being vastly different from the initial picture the client came to me with, it was enough for me to know exactly what her eye would like. His fiancée loved the unique design, making both of them happy customers.

Example Image

In this example, a customer came to me requesting a wedding band; however, this particular individual wasn’t the “jewelry wearing” type. Being that he worked in construction we came up with a unique idea of incorporating a saw-blade concept into the ring’s design.

I took a popular saw-blade style design and modified it into a safe spinning gold saw-blade into the center of the ring. This part of the ring was concaved and high polished to reflect the sides on the blade. The free spinning saw-blade actually rides in a shallow groove of the ring. In addition, I added 22k pinstripe inlays to protect the milgrain from wearing down over time.

The client was extremely happy with the final result of the design and has since informed me that this ring has actually helped him get more construction work.